June McCullough

On the Other Hand


She continued to roam the house with no one to talk to but the ghosts that would haunt her memories forever.

She entered the kitchen, opened the cupboard that held the liquor, and took out the bottle of scotch. It was rare that she poured a glass of wine now—it didn't have the effect she needed quickly enough. She poured the golden liquid into a glass and put the bottle on the counter—she didn't bother putting it away. She didn't try to kid herself anymore; she knew she'd be back for more.

Pulling back the drapes, she looked out the living room window. The blizzard made it impossible to see the houses across the street. The snow continued to come down, and the wind was not letting up. Nina felt as though she were the last living person on earth. God, she had never felt so alone.

She allowed the tears to fall as she held the glass to her lips and took a drink. She felt the liquid warm her when she swallowed. There was no need to control her pain or fears. There was no one to impress with her pretense of strength.

There was no reason to look forward to tomorrow. It would just be another day like today, with a vacuum of emptiness that wrapped itself around her like the blanket she held close to her now. All she had now were her yesterdays.


Home to Stay


"I better go. Think about what I said. There's something between us and I don't think we should deny it. I'm willing to take a chance and I want to know if you are, too, but I don't want you to answer right now."

He walked over to the door, opened it, and turned back to face her. "It would be sad if we never took a chance and ended up missing out on one of the best things to happen to either of us. You can let me know tomorrow at the barbeque."

With that, he shut the door and was gone. Diana stood at the counter for a long time after. The feelings he stirred in her both excited her and scared her. Her mind was swimming as she slid her back down the cupboard, until she was sitting on the kitchen floor.

What am I going to do? Should I back off and play it safe, so I won't be sorry? Or will I be sorry if I play it safe?