June McCullough

On the Other Hand

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On the Other Hand

In 1983, my mother passed away suddenly from a stroke at the young age of 59. As painful as it was to lose my mother, it was just as difficult to watch my father as he struggled to understand how he could go into town for a few hours one morning and come home to find his wife of 38 years collapsed on the floor. Since then, other family members and friends have lost spouses, and each time I am reminded of what my father went through. This is a compilation of their stories with a little of my own imagination added in. If this is what you are going through now, or if you are watching someone you love go through this, I hope that through this book you will know that you are not alone.



Home to StayHome to Stay


This novel was actually written in the late '70's. After dusting if off and reading it with fresh eyes, I realized how much had changed in the last thirty-odd years - like not being able to reach something while talking on the phone because the phone cord wasn't long enough. How many people have cords on their phones these days?! In the end it may have been easier just to start of scratch, but it had a special place in my heart. So, after many (many) hours of editing, I think this is a great book for that lazy afternoon or that quiet evening when you just want to put your feet up and relax. I hope that when you are finished reading this novel that you will be in love with love, all over again. Just a little point of interest - my parents had an acreage in Springbank, where the story takes place, and the house I describe is theirs.